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As part of my efforts to promote authentic Irish martial arts, I publish materials pertaining to Irish martial arts. In addition to this website, I have published several book and have a few more in the works. By buying my books you support my work and I sincerely thank you for your support. Due to volume I can no longer sign and sell my books personally, but they are available via my publishers.

Irish Gangs and Stick-Fighting In The Works of William Carleton

This is a collection of stories about Irish stick-fighters, written in the 19th century, by the Irish author William Carleton. Carleton was an Irish stick-fighter himself, and this is the first time that all of his tales about stick-fighting have been collected in a single volume. The stories provide many details about Irish methods of fighting in the 19th century, and great insights into the fighting culture and code – what I call the “Shillelagh Law” – which guided the lives of Irish fighting men, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Four hundred endnotes, meticulously researched, explain the 19th century Irish, and Hiberno-English terms, used by Carleton throughout the text, while the introduction explains Carleton’s life and his important role in the history of Irish stick-fighting.

Order Irish Gangs and Stick-Fighting In The Works of William Carleton:




 Shillelagh: The Irish Fighting Stick

For centuries the Irish have been associated with a stick weapon called the Shillelagh. And for generations of Irishmen, the Shillelagh was a badge of honor – a symbol of their courage, their martial prowess and their willingness to fight for their rights. The name, the image, the stories…controversy and debate seem to enshroud the story of the Shillelagh and our modern conception of it.

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 The Shillelagh Makers Handbook

This book instructs the reader in the basic traditions and skills of the craft of shillelagh making. Readers will learn how to craft their own shillelaghs, for use as walking or fighting sticks.

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© 2002 John W. Hurley



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